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Kerri QuirtKerri Quirt is owner and Chief Tech Educator at KQ Consulting & Computer Tutoring Ottawa, and has a skill set that includes 30+ years experience in Client Services, over 20 years of teaching experience, and almost 20 years tutoring people on their computers.

When her first computer blew up (click here to find out why), and Kerri decided to rebuild it from scratch, it became apparent to family and friends that she was the go-to person for computer help.  Even though she only works on the hardware of her own computer, Kerri has been offering computer training and helping folks understand computer software challenges for almost 20 years.

Kerri holds certificates in Microsoft® Office®, Business Communications and also Computer Aided Publishing and Presentation.

As a single mum, Kerri’s experience in teaching with the focus on learning styles began when the school system failed to teach her child effectively.  Her first-hand knowledge has led to an extensive understanding of the struggles faced by folks who learn differently than they’re being taught, and has helped shape the services offered at KQ Consulting.

With a strong desire and enthusiasm for continued learning, Kerri shares her passion with her clients, identifying their learning styles and teaching with patience, gentleness and an easy smile. For a more intimate look at Kerri and the topics that interest her, please visit her Blog.  You’ll find discussions of life, computer tips, tools and resources to help empower you and your loved ones.  Feel free to pop in for a visit here, leave a comment and share with someone you know.

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Tech Educator & Consultant at KQ Consulting
Specialist in easing the fear of learning new technology through education, training and great presentations. Happy Mum, gardener, business owner and blogger/vlogger newbie.

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