Step out of your comfort zone & find some magic!

In my last post, I talked about facing fears, and my new habit of taking on more things that challenge me.  Blogging was one of those fears.  As such, I put off starting for over a year, and I’m still not doing it regularly, so I want that to change…

When it comes to doing things that require me to step out of my comfort zone, I know that it’s immediately less scary as I soon as I step into my fear.  My thoughts about the fear are always worse than actually doing what I’m afraid to do. Go figure!

So, even though it makes me uncomfortable, I regularly accept new challenges…

A couple of years back, I started the #SSSVEDA Challenge with Savvy Sexy Social, posting a Vlog (video blog) Every Day in August (VEDA).

I didn’t know what I’d be talking about, and I didn’t know how the videos would turn out, but I knew – guaranteed – that they’d be a lot better by the end of the August, because I’d have 31 days of LIVE practice!

Even though the team @SavvySexySocial offered feedback, I’d love to hear from you! You can find a handful of my videos by subscribing to my YouTube channel or by following my tweets. Please share your thoughts on any of those forums, tell me what you think of my efforts and let me know if you have any questions I can help with.

I’m looking forward to creating some magic!  🙂


Don’t let your fears stop you!

A couple of weeks ago, I was invited to a public event that was sure to be an evening of great information.  That knowledge didn’t change the fact that I was terrified at the prospect of being in a large group of people, only knowing the friend who’d invited me.

Hours before the event, I experienced a severe anxiety attack, and I was almost in tears at the thought of going.  I called my friend, got lots of support and understanding, and an offer to meet me out front, so I was prepared to face this fear so it no longer crippled me.

As it turned out, I met a handful of really nice folks, and even ended up on stage, telling my story to over 300 strangers.  My stomach was in knots, my hands were sweating, but my friends were beside me and I was proud of myself!  Despite that initial terror, I got up and spoke publicly and, even though the fear is still there, it’s not nearly as strong as it was, because I took away some of its power over me.

In the past, I made it a habit to put things off that were scary, and I became very good at procrastination.  Now, though, I’m breaking that habit, and challenging myself more.  I realized that I’m missing out on life if I let my fears control what I do and don’t do.

There’s a saying I’ve heard a lot over the years:  “The only way to GET through it is to GO through it!”  I am a firm believer in the power of facing your demons,  feeling the feelings that come up and then moving forward a astronger, more confident person.

What are some challenges you’ve overcome?  I’d love to hear what you’ve mastered, how you did it and how you felt in the process.  Please share your thoughts and tools for success 🙂

Family is everything…

I used to think that I could only blog about  topics that were directly linked to computer learning.  Recently, though, I’ve decided to simply write what’s on my mind.  Those of you who choose to read it will get a better idea of who I am and how I live my life…

When I first started helping other people on their computers, I began with my mum.  We started with the basics, but when I was considering a job overseas, the topics of discussion got a bit more intense.  My mother was so sad at the thought of not being able to see me and talk to me easily that I proceeded to show her ways in which we could connect and talk, face-to-face, no matter where in the world I was.  We talked about getting her a web camera, and downloading the free Skype software that would let us see and talk to each other on our computer screens.

As it turned out, I didn’t move overseas; I’m now only three hours away and talk to my mum every Sunday.  The computer lesson topics changed a bit, but she’s still learning about how to connect – with people and information from all over the world.

Family is everything to me, and I don’t mean just the family I was born into.  To me, family refers to the people in my life who have helped to shape me into the person I am, who’ve made a difference in my life, and whom I love dearly and miss terribly when we’re apart.

My cousin was killed in a motorcycle accident two weeks ago, and my aunt is out in Alberta, three provinces away.  I talk to her fairly regularly, but really wish I could be there for her now, as she mourns the loss of her son…

Technology has given us the opportunity to connect with family and friends all over the world, whether it’s by making a telephone call or by using free software on our computers.  Please, do yourself a favour, and reach out to the people who matter to you in whatever way you can!

Family is everything…