Facebook Business Page – Default or Customized?

Do you have a customized business page on Facebook, or is your business being represented on Facebook by their default page, with details pulled from Wikipedia?  This is important if you want your business portrayed accurately!

If you’re unsure as to how to get to your business page, go to your Facebook profile and look in the About section.  If you’ve correctly linked your profile and page, you will see the first line under your profile picture lists your job title and the name of your business, and it will appear directly below your profile picture, as seen in the image to the left.  It appears as a link (blue and underlined), so you can click on it to get directly to the page that represents your business.

When you click on that link, you will be taken to a business page, and your first glance will tell you if you have work to do immediately!  If you see an almost-blank page, with a sterile-looking description of your business or, even worse, no business description at all, along with a faded image of a briefcase on the left side of the page, then you’re looking at the default business page that Facebook creates for you.  If you’ve only identified your role in business as self-employed, this is how it will look:

Sadly, I know a number of people whose businesses are depicted this way on Facebook, and it’s not at all effective in developing a web presence.  Do yourself a favour and take the time to create a proper business page.  Facebook will even walk you through the basic steps here: https://www.facebook.com/pages/create.php.  Then, all you need is a logo, an image for your cover photo, and a description of your business, and you’ll start generating leads and building a client base, all for the minimal cost of your time.

A wealth of computer knowledge…

“Kerri has spent some time instructing us on how to better use the new social media tools that are available, to help promote our Seniors’ Centre.  She is an excellent instructor.  She has a wealth of computer knowledge and the talent to pass it on in an effective, relaxed, easy going style.  Her passion for instructing new computer users, coupled with her patient tutoring style makes her the perfect instructor for new computer users of all ages. “

~ Russ Gallant, Director of Administration

The Good Companions Seniors’ Centre, Ottawa, Ontario

Setting up a Facebook business page…

Marthe Murphy, Edmonton, Alberta

“Kerri, thank you SO MUCH for helping me with social media; setting up my business Facebook page. It was fast, it was easy, you were able to identify the problem I was having from a distance and that was pretty incredible to me given that you’re in Ottawa and I’m in Edmonton…I HEARTILY recommend you to anyone who is having troubles understanding their software! Woo Hoo!”

~ Marthe Murphy, RMT, CNMT

Body of Life Holistic Health Services

Edmonton, Alberta

Friendly, down-to-Earth tutoring style…

Catherine Bastedo, Gatineau, Quebec“Kerri is knowledgeable in the field of social media, with a friendly, down-to-earth tutoring style. I found her services very useful, and she quickly grasped what I needed so that we did not waste any time. Thanks Kerri!”

~ Catherine Bastedo M.A.,RT-CRA

Usui/Holographic Reiki Master/Teacher Practitioner,

Gatineau, Quebec