Professional-level computer classes…

Trina Standford, Employment Trainer PQES“Kerri has amazing patience and knows how to work with clients from differing backgrounds and experience levels. Her enthusiasm is contagious and it excites the students and makes learning fun!

At the Pinecrest-Queensway Employment Services Centre, we have many clients who can’t even turn a computer on. During Kerri’s workshops, they begin at this stage, but by the end, they have a new-found confidence that comes from feeling proud that they can send an email, browse the web for information and actually type a letter or document they may need for their job search.

The benefits to our clients are many, the most prominent being access to professional-level computer classes taught by someone with a wealth of experience and knowledge teaching adults new technology. They learn in a non-judgmental environment, where they feel safe to learn and explore. Kerri does an amazing job and we’re happy to have her in our centre!”

~ Trina Stanford, Employment Trainer

Pinecrest-Queensway Employment Services

A wealth of computer knowledge…

“Kerri has spent some time instructing us on how to better use the new social media tools that are available, to help promote our Seniors’ Centre.  She is an excellent instructor.  She has a wealth of computer knowledge and the talent to pass it on in an effective, relaxed, easy going style.  Her passion for instructing new computer users, coupled with her patient tutoring style makes her the perfect instructor for new computer users of all ages. “

~ Russ Gallant, Director of Administration

The Good Companions Seniors’ Centre, Ottawa, Ontario

Kerri is a born teacher …

Monique Tardif

“Technology has not always been my strong point so there comes a time when ego goes into pocket and a phone call is in order.  Kerri was there for me.  This lady knows her stuff, how to explain it in plain English and give those “visual words” so that you can actually remember what you have heard and learnt.  What a concept!

Kerri is a born teacher with a sense of humor and the patience of a saint.  I now know what I am doing (mostly), am willing to move on and will be calling her for further instructions.  It is quite a relief to be able to count on someone and get results – she teaches, I learn … Thanks Kerri.  Without you, there would be more computers flying out the windows.”

~ Monique Tardif, Nepean, Ontario

Setting up a Facebook business page…

Marthe Murphy, Edmonton, Alberta

“Kerri, thank you SO MUCH for helping me with social media; setting up my business Facebook page. It was fast, it was easy, you were able to identify the problem I was having from a distance and that was pretty incredible to me given that you’re in Ottawa and I’m in Edmonton…I HEARTILY recommend you to anyone who is having troubles understanding their software! Woo Hoo!”

~ Marthe Murphy, RMT, CNMT

Body of Life Holistic Health Services

Edmonton, Alberta

Make sense of the Internet…

Maggie Fleming“Superb service…  Kerri showed me things I was too busy to notice … and phone help has aided me enormously.  Kerri has demonstrated a wonderful ability to help others make sense of the Internet and I couldn’t be more pleased with the assistance she has given me. She truly has a gift for this!”

~ Maggie Fleming, Ottawa, Ontario


Friendly, down-to-Earth tutoring style…

Catherine Bastedo, Gatineau, Quebec“Kerri is knowledgeable in the field of social media, with a friendly, down-to-earth tutoring style. I found her services very useful, and she quickly grasped what I needed so that we did not waste any time. Thanks Kerri!”

~ Catherine Bastedo M.A.,RT-CRA

Usui/Holographic Reiki Master/Teacher Practitioner,

Gatineau, Quebec



A wonderful computer training resource…

Marthe Murphy, Body of Life Holistic Health Services“Kerri at Computer Tutoring Ottawa has been a big help to me. I really liked the ease of being able to call her up and have her walk me through… the steps to understand how to do certain tasks on my computer. I’ve used Kerri to help me understand information on Word and also on Microsoft Outlook. A wonderful resource for in the home, at the computer real time training!”

~ Marthe Murphy, RMT, CNMT

Body of Life Holistic Health Services

Edmonton, Alberta



Great service to learn computer basics…

“What a great service this is! Having learned all my computer skills on the job… I never did learn the basics of just what my computer could do. I was walked/talked through (since most of my help was over the phone) so many applications that I am quite proficient now.

I was never made to feel stupid or uninformed and now I have the confidence to tackle new and different things. I know the Computer Tutor is there if I need it. Keep up the good work.”

~ Kay Quirt

Belleville, Ontario

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