Microsoft Excel for Windows

Introduction to Microsoft® Excel® for Windows®

 (no Internet connection required)

Laptop computers are available to rent for a small fee if you want to learn but don’t yet own a computer.

What you’ll learn:

 Get familiar with the different parts of  a worksheet

 Create, open, edit, save and close spreadsheets

 Explore the Ribbon® and discover its diversity

 Create and use formulas, including the Sum function

 Copy or move worksheets

 Understand printing options

What you’ll need:

 A tablet or computer with a Windows® Operating System (Rentals are available.)

 Microsoft® Office® installed on your computer

 Note-taking material (optional)

 A desire to learn!

 Also Available:


Workshops and presentations are offered regularly in Ottawa, Ontario and in other cities in Ontario and Quebec (English only) by appointment.  If you’re interested in hosting a presentation and/or workshop, we encourage you to Contact Us  to suggest a venue near YOU!

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